About the Book

Backyard Caliphate: Preventing Radicalization in Our Neighborhoods is written for American parents who are interested in keeping their children safe in this uncertain world. How do we know who our child is speaking with on social media? There are predators lurking to find vulnerable young adults to serve their extremist causes. There are radical professors on various college campuses placed specifically to teach the ideologues about jihad and the importance of joining the cause. There is radical literature waiting to be consumed in extremist mosques around the country, many who have been visited by terrorists who have killed innocent Americans.


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About the Author

For over twenty years, Valerie Greenfeld has been analyzing, researching, publishing and legislating issues of international security in Washington, D.C.

Prominent organizations such as The White House Office of Legislative Affairs, The Investigative Project on Terrorism, Dr. Kissinger’s Center for Strategic & International Studies, The Clarion Project and Honeywell Public Affairs, have given her opportunities to learn about extremist organizations, the goals of recruiting and jihad, the processes of lawmaking and the importance of preserving freedom.



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The blog is focused on topics that American parents should know about. Subjects such as ISIS Recruiting Young Women, The Politics of Terrorism, What is happening with the Kurds? Five Things Parents Must Know About, How Americans Support Terror Involuntarily (coming soon) Please leave your comments and opinions and I will respond.

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How can parents protect our children from these predators? By educating them about the dangers in America and by teaching them what to do, how to know and why it’s important to be strong, confident and grounded. Take a look and find out why this could be the most important book you will ever pick up and share.