Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger, Jerusalem, Israel

“Backyard Caliphate: Preventing Radicalization in Our Neighborhoods,” is an essential reading for Americans who wish to avoid the suicidal path of the European Western democracies. The latter have sacrificed their long-term homeland and national security on the alter of wishful-thinking and simplistic view of Islam. They have chosen to ignore the 1,400-year-old lack of intra-Muslim tolerance and peaceful-coexistence and the tenacious, systematic pursuit of the 14-centuries-old Islamic strategic goal of bringing “the abode of the infidel” to submission, while abusing Western hospitality, civil liberties and infatuation with peace.”


Steven Emerson, Executive Director, Investigative Project on Terrorism

Washington, D.C.

“This is a phenomenal book that will prove to be of invaluable assistance to parents and educators around the country in ensuring that they know the dangers of radical Islam and are not deceived by efforts of fake Islamic “civil rights,” groups which are actually fronts for militant Islamist groups. It will help them distinguish between legitimate moderate Muslim groups and those that feign radicalization. It is required reading.”



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